Finger Spinner Toy Customer Returns

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  • September 13, 2017
         Yesterday, we made a deal of finger spinner toy orders, this is an Australian customers, was not prepared to buy our products, but because of our expertise and quality, to our finger spinner toy a single another one, and our long-term and stable customers.
         The finger spinner toy is May of this year to contact our customers, because at that time the finger spinner toy is shortage, the price we quoted and finger spinner toy is not very high, the customers pay the deposit, when the finger spinner toy materials soared, we quote the price is not done, we immediately contact the customer, the actual situation to tell the customer, the customer to understand the situation, is willing to work with our shared part of the price, but our boss said at the time, since the contract with the customer to negotiate a good price, we can't change, finally, we give the customer according to the price, customers receive the finger spinner toy very satisfied, then in September he was with us 10 thousand a, and believe us, didn't give him the finger spinner toy samples.

          The fingertip gyro is heat promotion models of our company some time ago, his popularity is high, the price is low, we often exported to Europe and other countries, we do a finger spinner toy impact, the material is very good, but also by the CE, RoHS certificates, most countries can export.

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