Remote Control Led Bracelet Used In Bar

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  • September 18, 2017
         This is an American customer, he bought our bracelet is mainly used for Remote Control Led Bracelet bar, the client is a bar owner in Manhattan in September, they need to hold a activities to attract customers, so we need to bring some Remote Control Led Bracelet atmosphere for them.
          He is to visit our site is Beijing time at 1 o'clock in the morning, he contacted us to say to use the Remote Control Led Bracelet bar, that our website is not online, he had asked a few websites are no one responded, and his activities are very urgent, need timely treatment can not delay, then we immediately. Understand the needs of customers, to the customer to determine the basic night time and costs, we second day to customers with Remote Control Led Bracelet PI, customers will immediately pay.
          Today just came to the company, received the customer's mail, said their activity is held very successful, it attracted a lot of customers on the day of the event, said the future will always hold some similar activities, and asked me to bring us some good product directory to him, after will continue to cooperate with us.
           Sometimes, we should not because customers are small and different treatment, for each of our customers, we should treat carefully, to cultivate small customers into big customers, big customers to train our old customers.

           Remote Control Led Bracelet, the main material is made of plastic and silicone, which we have chip and board their research, there are 2 lithium battery, we can make 1 lights, 2 lights, 3 lights, and we will be equipped with a large remote control, can according to the customer's needs, we remote light emitting different partition bracelet, very suitable for singing or bars will use the Remote Control Led Bracelet for different activities, custom colors and Logo. Bracelet

Remote Control Led Bracelet