Three email get helmet keychain customer order

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  • September 08, 2017
         This is a client in Croatia, yesterday he sent a letter of inquiry to the helmet Keychain my colleagues, my colleagues received the inquiry, and not very fast to the helmet keychain customer offer, he first is to understand customer needs and background, the first message in the given colleagues to the helmet Keychain quotation my opinion, second emails to customers introduce the product process and confirm the specific price, third emails sent directly to the customer PI, customers receive the PI immediately after payment, yesterday afternoon when he received the key customers of the full amount of helmet.
          As a good salesman, we not only do business with customers, but more importantly, to solve problems for customers, and put forward their own professional advice, to avoid some mistakes, to reduce customer problems.

         This helmet Keychain is our 2017 selling products, the main role is as a promotional gift, customer groups are miners, road construction, construction company, because this helmet Keychain can emit light, can emit light at night, he is made of ABS material, can be kept for a long time, storage capacity, easy to carry, also can the company to print logo or pattern.

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