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  • August 28, 2017
      In August 24th, we received a led Bracelet website inquiry, which is one of the UK's customers, he wants to buy LED is used in church prayer bracelet, each in a Christian, light will emit different led bracelet.
     We have received inquiries to the customer after the led bracelet, reply immediately, because the customer has a definite amount of 1500, logo, the most important is the customer need to hurry, in September 15th received led bracelet, then we immediately give product renderings with logo clear, and the led Bracelet video shoot to the customer. Answer the customer's problem, not procrastination, each email to customers to show our professionalism.
     Finally, because the led bracelet is more urgent, and the need to customize the Logo, customers quickly on the second day we paid around, and send us the memo, we in third days on the receipt of customer payment and arrange the production led bracelet. After the customer, he told the salesman that we were very professional and understood what he meant. He didn't waste his time.

    This is a light nylon ribbon bracelet, 5 LED light ribbon, the color is purple, and can be customized to logo, then the remote US 3, small, large, led bracelet can control the large range of luminous wristbands can be flickers with the color of the light according to the keys on the remote control.

led bracelet

    As a good salesman, be sure to know what the customer wants and solve the problem for the customer. These places can reflect the value of a salesperson.