Customizing 500 flashing LED Bracelets

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  • September 28, 2017
          This is an American customer today, he needs 500 flashing LED bracelets, because he is a school to do activities, he is in contact with me on Facebook, I just made a flashing LED bracelets video, this video is taken before us, give us a British customers see, he saw the contact us, we are not asking the factory, also asked if we had any certificate, I immediately made a picture of our factory and BSCI certificate and he needs which flashing LED bracelets CE, ROHS and other products certificate, because I think the picture text is more convincing, he a few minutes later he told me that his clients see the video and certificate of our products, we can feel the need, at 500 flashing LED bracelets price and freight, and they need to print Logo But, because there was no formal orders, they only send a picture, I do not need a picture, look at the effect, we immediately let our company designers have done a flashing LED map bracelets to the customer, the customer is very satisfied, is with us to discuss the price, we need to a lower price, I had a long chat with customers, customers trust us, direct payments, let us as soon as possible to deliver goods to him.
          Flashing LED bracelets, this bracelet, we use the ABS shell, the wrist strap is the use of silica gel materials, its elasticity is also very good, very suitable for the wrist rough comparison of the European and American customers, we have the conventional 2 light, the color can be customized, we can customize the shell color.

          Flashing LED bracelets we are mainly used for some party activities, because our price is low, it is suitable for a small number of smaller buyers and individual customers.

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