Best Ballpoint Pen With Factory New Design

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  • September 04, 2018
         Best Ballpoint Pen is our company's latest high-end metal pen, the body of the pen we use a new look of gold plating, increase the texture of the ballpoint pen.
         Best Ballpoint Pen is a brand new metal pen we produced this year. The whole body is gilded. The regular ones are orange, yellow, black, wine red, silver gray, blue. We can also customize different colors according to the customer's requirements. The whole metal pen is very beautiful, smooth, the cap and the tip of the pen out. They are made of black abrasive plastic, the core of the pen is black, conventional can be made of black, blue, we can also customize other colors.
         Best Ballpoint Pen is usually used by companies or schools. We can print LOGO in different colors on the pen. It can be colored, it can also be printed with stickers, and it can be printed with laser. Our factory has a cooperative professional printing factory. Printing is very clear. To this metal pen our factory can be produced in time, customers order to us, we prepare materials, about a few thousand per day can be produced, the speed is very fast.

At the beginning of August, our company received a customer from Australia who said we needed to order 3000 pieces of this pen, but it was ready for use on August 15. So, we asked if we could do it well. We gave the customer the time. We shipped it from stock to stock about 7 days. This is the fastest delivery. It takes about 5-7 days to get to Australia, so it's just right for the customer to pay us immediately after seeing our detailed process and tell us the request. We finish the product according to the customer's request and deliver the goods to the customer in time.

Best Ballpoint Pen