The method of using Bobo balloon

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  • December 05, 2017
Recently, many customers are buying Bobo balloon to us. They are very popular in Europe. They need us to deliver them as soon as possible, and we need to take a note of their use.

         We made a method of using the Bobo balloon and described how to use the Bobo balloon in detail.

         Our Bobo balloon has 3 main dimensions, 12cm, 18cm, 24cm these 3 kinds of Bobo balloon, because the size is not the same, so inflated size is not the same, 12cm filled with gas may reach 30cm, 18cm Bobo balloon filled with gas can reach 43cm, 24cm can be filled with gas to reach 55cm because, we selected are good latex, so extensibility is also very good.

          In our inflation before, we should put the Bobo balloon tile, and to make the ball around the stretch, Bobo thin, easy to inflate, then we can put the ball in the Bobo lighter items such as feathers, beads can be put into, the ball can also be filled out after the release, so when the goods into the balloon, we begin to remember, we need gas, helium, hydrogen, not absolute, we are up to standard size can stop the inflatable, inflatable mouth tight, the lamp can evenly winded on the sphere.
Bobo balloon