Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight

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  • August 20, 2018

Promote Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight, beautiful and practical, inexpensive.

If we buy the key chain, what will we consider? Is it the appearance? This can be said "yes". If the key chain is too ugly, I won't ask for it. Even if I give it to me, I won't want it. Buying a key chain can also refer to its functions and practicality. If the key chain can help me in life, then I will be very happy. Our company promotes a product, which is Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight. Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight is a collection of beautiful and practical products, and the metal body makes our Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight more durable. Metal is aluminum alloy. It can prevent abrasion and scratch well.

Our Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight has three bulbs, has a very strong brightness, and can be illuminated for three to five hours. This key chain can be used as a bottle opener. It can open most of the bottle caps. What is the key chain with two very practical functions in your eyes? Is it very large? I can tell you responsibly that our Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight is very small. Its length is only 7 centimeters, and its diameter is only 16 millimeters.

These are the characteristics of our Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight, which can be used for retail sales. Ordinary key chains don't have logos, and if you want to use them for promotions, Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight can customize logos by yourself. This logo we use laser engraving or silk screen. In this way, LOGO can prevent wear and scratch.

What do you think of our Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight? If you are interested in this product, you can click on the website associated with the picture. Welcome to inquiry.

Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlight