Wholesale cheap gift ---Bulb Flashlight

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  • January 24, 2018
       This is a cheap gift Bulb Flashlight, is mainly used to do some activities with gifts to many customers in Europe and the US are the Bulb Flashlight because of his love, the price is cheap, use a wide range of shapes and colors, delicate and lovely, hanging in a backpack or Keychain are very practical.

       Bulb Flashlight is a popular light keychain, can be worn on a keychain or backpack as decorations, while the Bulb Flashlight material is made of green plastic, which uses 3 LR41 batteries, can guarantee the Bulb Flashlight work for a long time, the high brightness LED lamp, the color of our regular green shell blue, grey, dark blue, black, red, orange lights, can make can select different colors, like we can also customize and different colors, Bulb, Flashlight and logo can be printed, usually color printing, printed in the middle part of the Bulb Flashlight. The size of Bulb Flashlight is 43*23mm, which is small and easy to carry. The switch of Bulb Flashlight is spiral, and the head of twisting Bulb Flashlight can make Bulb Flashlight light. This Bulb Flashlight is a battery that can be used for a long time.

        Bulb Flashlight usually, we can put it on the backpack as an adornment. In the evening, we can turn on the Bulb Flashlight lights, which can be used as backpack lights or warn the vehicles behind.

        Bulb Flashlight is general lighting shop as a promotional gift for customers to buy things, to shop, we can send a Bulb Flashlight to the customer, when the customer uses, see Bulb above Flashlight logo, will think of lighting shop, next time there is a need will first select the lighting store.

Bulb Flashlight