Capsule Storage Key Chain

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  • August 07, 2018

Our company promotes a product with good quality and low price. This product is designed and produced with practicality as the main factor. It is Capsule Storage Key Chain.

Capsule Storage Key Chain, its capsule is made of aluminum, waterproof and wear-resistant. The capsule is 3cm in diameter and 10cm in length. It is very compact and easy to carry. And we will make corresponding sizes according to the requirements of customers. You can also modify the color of the capsule according to the requirements. Which color do you prefer? Red, yellow, green? Or is it blue? Capsule this shape is very novel, will be loved by many people, whether it is to send people or sell, are more popular.

Our Capsule Storage Key Chain can be customized by your own LOGO, and most of our products can be customized to LOGO, which can be easily sold or sent to customers by their own companies. Capsule Storage Key Chain's capsules can be tightened, after tightening, the capsule's storage space is completely sealed, can be placed in the emergency medicine, or some other water-resistant small items. Because we consider the practicability, the capsule can be hung on the keychain and hanging on the backpack or belt.

Do you think our Capsule Storage Key Chain can help you in your life? If you think you can, please click on our link, there will be professional staff to serve you.

Capsule Storage Key Chain