Cold Light Wiring Harness Flash Neon Lamp

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  • August 13, 2018

To introduce you to a particularly cool luminous products, this is a cold beam of light, is a kind of luminous lines.

Most of our products are made in China, China has the largest population in the world, and we have our own manufacturer, so our products have prices you can't imagine. And we will use professional knowledge to serve you, so that you can buy at ease, we will strive to serve everyone who trusts us.

This cold beam of light can be used to decorate cars, clothes, advertisements and other signs, but also to do some festival graphics out, such as: make a shiny mask, glasses, flowers, examples are endless. This product can effectively adjust the atmosphere, there are many colors for you to choose, and you can choose the length of this line, you can achieve 100 meters or even longer.

Our cold light is not emitted by a light source, the brightness of the head and tail is the same, will not occur in the case of weakening brightness. This product has a very thin wire inside, can withstand a lot of tension, and can bend stereotype, so that you can more easily do some night lights.

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Cold Light Wiring Harness Flash Neon Lamp