Cow shaped Keychain

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  • August 21, 2017
        As a key chain factory, we not only ensure the quality of the products, but also to be responsible for the customer, in August 18th, our company salesman Alan to obtain customers, promote the customer orders to us again, 4500 cow shaped animal keychain.
        This is an Australian customer, before June, in our side under a single keychain, this customer is doing cake, and it is understood that he bought this may be sent to customers.
        At the end of July, the customer give us comments that they have received the goods, just a little pity, there are several defects, other parts are intact, can accept. Our Alan immediately to help customers solve this problem, has been praised by customers.
        In August 15th, the customer contacted Alan, saying that the cow keys were well sold and were particularly popular with his customers, and that his cakes were well bought and that they would like to place orders again.
        In August 19th, the customer contacted Alan again, saying the keychain was to be buttoned up, 4500 single, and the payment was made quickly.

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