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  • November 22, 2017
           This is us in a Led Bracelet enquiries received in 2016, is an agent, they need a group of light emitting Led Bracelet to do activities, and to be printed on the Everlast logo, and put forward some very strict conditions, customer is very clear we give the price is right, he found a lot of light made in Shenzhen Led Bracelet manufacturers, but did not meet his demands, hope we can become partners with him.

         We immediately contacted the customer, and the customer needs to make improvements in our understanding, the insufficient place, we have to do the products of SGS, BV, FCC, product testing, and the test report to customer Led Bracelet, and we send the samples to the customer, the customer is satisfied, after the custom of the light the first batch of the Led Bracelet, and said to us, the best to do a BSCI factory verification, said, now the European market is very concerned about this, they then the verification is also required.

          Probably in the beginning of 2017, we are ready to do BSCI factory inspection and audit, after finishing 3 months, we obtained the factory inspection report at the end of April, and told us Everlast dealers, their difference is also not need to set light Bracelet products, exactly, they give us again next time return a single, and very happy to cooperate with us.

          In our forest, to treat the old customers, I am more attention, and we have the best new products and samples are recommended at the first time to customers.

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