Flag bracelet used in the Olympic Games

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  • September 21, 2017
           This is an inquiry we get on the website, the customer specified flag bracelet, and a large quantity, need a lot of national flag bracelet, client told me that this is the use of the Olympic Games next year, we can see the price low, the number, and then will be more orders, because he read on the Internet many homes are selling flag bracelet, but in his opinion, they are not the factory, he needs to direct contact with the plant, and we combined his request, he proposed to visit factory and flag bracelet samples, after we received customer friends and factory to see samples, and give the customer a friend left a good image.
           After a few days, customers contact us, saying that the flag bracelet case they decided, but the specific details need to be further detailed check.

This should be our flag bracelet, out of a very old light bracelet, this bracelet is used in environmental protection silicone tape, collocation ABS shell, which will be placed a flag bracelet, but also with 2 teeth, to wear a flag Bracelet users can also be more shining night.

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