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  • November 15, 2017
           This is an inquiry in August, he needs a Flashing Led Bracelets, probably around 500, but very urgent, we need to deliver goods to him as soon as possible in the past, we immediately sent him a copy of our price list and Flashing Led Bracelets, the delivery date told him, and then recommend a suitable the wedding on the use of Flashing Led Bracelets, the customer see the picture, feel very good, and put their wedding logo to us, let us put logo on Flashing Led Bracelets above, we made renderings, customers love, and in the day to pay the full amount.
           About September 15th, the customer receives a Flashing Led Bracelets, 18 is his wedding ring, rushed to the scene, he contacted us to say they see a light ring, they all feel good, and give us a message, give us a praise.
           This luminous bracelet is a new remote control luminous Bracelet developed in 2017. It is suitable for use in parties or weddings and concerts. It can emit a variety of light, and what we do is RGB 7 colors, which can be changed in different colors in turn.
Flashing Led Bracelets