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  • October 10, 2017
This is one of our customer manager, he is a light up bracelets in September 28 that the inquiry, is we need a light up bracelets, does not need to customize logo, but the arrival time is urgent, the provisions of the October 10th light up bracelets must arrive, our manager was not prepared to take this one, because the number of customer demand the light up bracelets is not great, but is the kind of small customers, just in time for the October 1st this day, originally with the family arranged to travel together, the results because the customer sincere moved to our manager, he let the customer 29 day payment, he let out 500 light up bracelets to shop there in a day. In the evening, and nothing to help colleagues, No. 30 on the day of delivery to customers, because it is far away, a lot of DHL October 1st will be a holiday, so we make delivery before October 1st, and go is Fast compared to that one, because customers are in a hurry, we have a holiday at home will help customers to check the transport of goods, as we expected, DHL there is blocked, warehouse warehouse explosion, and our goods are on their way to the customer, at number 8, customers receive the goods light up bracelets thank you very much for us, said, because in a hurry, we have a holiday, there are many businesses do not pick up his single, fortunately we have, and that we are very professional, not to cause unnecessary trouble to him.

Whenever there are customers to our praise, we will record it, because we should not only make friends with customers, but more importantly, to help customers, solve customer problems.

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