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  • September 19, 2017
     Factory Custom Light Up Wristbands, this light bracelet is our factory in 2013 developed a remote luminescent bracelet, and our customers are generally Custom Light Up Wristbands, this bracelet we this year popular Custom Light Up Wristbands, because he can be suitable for many occasions, is generally a small party, birthday party, bar such a small range. This custom is the radius of 200m controllable Custom Light Up Wristbands, bracelet can control a different light, and ring flash mode, we are generally 3 kinds of flash mode, the flash, slow flash, constant light, light, light emitting material for the custom Bracelet we, our control can be customized.

     This Custom Light Up Wristbands, we can according to customer demand, can be customized with different colors, we also use the silicone bracelet, bracelet inside the circuit board, we are their own R & D, the number of light Bracelet above we can according to customer needs, customized 1 lights, 2 lights, 3 lights, light the color lamp we are generally in a variety of colors. Our custom light-emitting bracelet can be made transparent, or you can use laser engraving logo.

Custom Light Up Wristbands