DMX Led Bracelet With Vocal Concert

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  • September 06, 2018
      DMX Led Bracelet is a new type of Bracelet developed by our factory. It is suitable for bars and large-scale concerts according to the glow mode of the bracelet controlled by keys on the keyboard. And we have done this for a long time. So the price can be said to be the lowest and the quality of Shenzhen is the best.
      DMX Led Bracelet is different from the previous remote control bracelet, you can not use the remote control, only the keyboard control, our whole set is divided into three parts, bracelet, keyboard, signal transmitter. Because we are a professional manufacturer of bracelets, so, we are familiar with the material suppliers of bracelets, the price is much cheaper, the finished product price of bracelets will be much cheaper, then we give customers a lot of price concessions, the keyboard is our main design for the use of dimmers, so, covered A lot of keys, you can adjust 256 colors, you can divide into 20 areas, the scope of the emitter is more than 1000 meters, and the flashing mode of the bracelet is flash, slow flash, often bright. Keyboard can not adjust the color, according to the above dimmer, the color of the light beads are gradually changing, a total of 256 colors, can also be adjusted into a line of flash, constantly changing, very dazzling, this technology is the most advanced glowing bracelet, but also the top.

       We can also make DMX Led Bracelet bracelet bracelet bracelet bracelet bracelet bracelets in different shapes and materials, according to the price of Bracelet materials to determine, but the chip inside is different, and we not only have DMX, but also can do NFC function bracelet, mainly used for access control, very convenient to distinguish some VIP customers, general customers.

DMX Led Bracelet