A new type of LED Backpacker light for coloured bright...

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  • Linli Gfits at
  • January 24, 2018
       This led Backpacker light is our new research and development, the main market is Japan and Korea, because this led Backpacker light is beautiful, fashionable, and easy to carry, and is loved by many customers.

      Led Backpacker light is mainly used for bags, led Backpacker light will be a small chain, can be very good to hang in the backpack, and the LED Backpacker light the material used is plastic shell, quality which will use 2 CR1220, led Backpacker light can work for a long time, and the high brightness LED lamp LED lamp irradiation, can range widely, and the shape of the shell is a special diamond, touch more texture, the button is pressed directly, convenient for users to use.

       Led Backpacker light not only can be used as a backpack lamp, also can be hung on the key buckle, key buckle as a lamp, when we entered the door, no lights, you can use the LED Backpacker light allows you to quickly find the key button hole, and not fumble in the dark. When the rainy day is, the sky is very dark, we can not go ahead, it is also the LED Backpacker light as a street lamp, as an emergency is to use.

       Our customers are Japanese, mainly the product as a retail, we will give them a piece of paper design, convenient for customers to buy and display, and customers on the quality is very important, and customers for third party inspection company to inspect goods, we are through, and we are the product of a CE certification. When customers received the goods, they responded to us. The goods were very good, and the quality of a company that they worked with before was much better, and they had the intention to return the order to us.

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