2017 the most popular wedding accessories----led bobo ball

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  • October 23, 2017
       This is a 2017 latest development of a LED Bobo ball luminous decoration, the LED Bobo ball is mainly used for wedding led Bobo ball above, because it is transparent, can emit different colors of light to illuminate the whole wedding scene, now, many of the wedding scene is to use the LED Bobo ball, because led Bobo ball lighter, can fly in the sky, like countless stars wafting in the air.

       Led Bobo ball, his material is latex, can be stretched, the elastic is good, not easy to tear, which we will be equipped with a 3 meter long string lights, there will be about 30 lamps, each lamp is not the same color, a colorful light, our battery is 2 can be No. 5 batteries can power a long time, the LED Bobo ball allows you to get more eyes in the night.

led bobo ball