A new wireless remote control LED Candle

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  • January 16, 2018
        Like the LED candle routine is 12 as a box, we are equipped with a wireless remote control, and is provided with a cylinder cover of candle LED, we will be equipped with a 12 seat charger, and can be customized according to the charging standard of different countries, and we also have the product quality inspection report and product patent certificate.

       LED candle is our latest research and development of a wireless remote control LED candle, mainly for the wedding venue, we propose the LED lamp, candle is mainly based on our previous LED candle to upgrade, but we will set up a switch in the LED candle, but LED candle is not open, bright that must use the remote control to use, but also can be made into LED lamp lights in different colors, and each LED candle is equipped with a lamp as light, we are charging base 12 as a whole, at the same time to 12 LED candle and is charging, fast charging, charging use the plug can be according to the customer's address is changed, we have Australian rules, regulations, EU, U.S. regulations and other charging head. The remote control range is about 5m, the number of LED candle is not limited to, on a remote control mode and control LED lights candle light color is red, white, conventional blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, the colors, we will also give no LED candle is equipped with a box the instructions, to provide better service to customers. The outside packing box is a hard cardboard with a high hardness and a white box, which can be printed according to the requirements of the customer.

      This LED candle we are sold to the Amazon retail market, individual packaging great convenience to the needs of customers, for a small quantity of our customers can be satisfied, and the LED candle is very popular with young customers, to buy the LED candle for a variety of activities.

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