LED Champagne Cup

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  • December 21, 2018

LED Champagne Cup is a glowing goblet. And LED Champagne Cup has a fascinating look.

LED Champagne Cup generally does not emit light. LED Champagne Cup emits light only when there is liquid flowing into the cup. LED Champagne Cup is a good product to regulate the atmosphere. It can be widely used in candlelight dinner, bars and other places. Our LED Champagne Cup is very smooth, and when it was just made, a fingerprint would be left with a gentle touch of the hand. The capacity of LED Champagne Cup is 150 ml, powered by 3xAG3 button unit and made of food grade plastic, which is very safe. LED Champagne Cup is a high-end wine cup, is a high-end decoration.

Our LED Champagne Cup can customize logo, and we provide OEM and ODM services. We have professional designers and engineers. If you want to modify a product, we can provide professional services. Of course, if you want to design a product by yourself and make it in our company, then you need to design a product that is covered by our industry. We are the top three enterprises in Shenzhen industry with BSCI certification. And our business is all over the world, and the top 500 companies in the world cooperate with us also surpass the two-handed index, while the top 500 companies in all industries often cooperate with us. Believe us, we have enough strength to cooperate with you.

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LED Champagne Cup