A LED Lanyard for the exhibition

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  • January 29, 2018
         This led Lanyard is mainly used and exhibition, to our company's annual Hongkong exhibition. We will use this led Lanyard, because wearing led Lanyard will make you more dazzling and more attention at the exhibition.

         Led Lanyard size is 82*1.5cm, the use of nylon material is prepared, which can customize their own beads, is generally 6 LED light, LED light color routine is white, we also can be customized according to customer demand for different colors, and logo is used in printing cycle, can make the whole led Lanyard. Have Logo, the following will match a eight metal buckle, can hang some light badge, led name card, Lanyard inside the battery high-quality 2 CR2032 lithium battery, can work for a long time. The flash mode of LED Lanyard is always bright and shining, which makes you attract customers' eyeballs at the exhibition and let customers enter your exhibition hall.

         We often led Lanyard to organize activities such as merchants, some time ago, a large outdoor marathon we held in Shenzhen, the number of players like we led this is the use of Lanyard, but not with light, will be the theme of the above printing Logo.

        Also, we are like the exhibition, many exhibitors will wear the badge, but customers are basically not to enter, so in front of the exhibition hall, this is after the luminescence of LED Lanyard is very important, he can attract the attention of customers bring customers to your store, let your customers know more about you the product and your company.

LED Lanyard