2018 new small bear LED Night Light

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  • January 24, 2018
          This is our factory before the development of a LED Night Light animal bear, the main role is placed on the desktop, when the toy, can also be used as a LED Night Light LED Night Light, and this is can automatically change color, 7 color cycle transformation.

          To the LED Night light we made a series of animal shapes, bears, dolphins, sharks, penguins and so on, we also can according to customer requirements, customize their own animal shapes, led night light is the use of environmentally friendly plastics, the switch is in the bottom of the light night led, use the convenience of customers the.

           This is a mold opened by a customer. He wants to set up a set of animal led night light, but because the cost of mold opening is relatively high, so we opened the mold together, and produced a series of LED Night Light of animal models. To our LED Night Light, it has a hole, it can be hung on a backpack, as an ornament, it can also be placed on the table as LED Night Light, and it can also be used as a toy for children. We usually make a retail product and sell it in various large shopping malls. We can design different cardboards for customers and use blister packaging to display this led night light well. Like many foreign shopping malls and Amazon, there are all our products, and led night light is cheaper, which is very popular with many children.

          The size of LED Night light is about 8.5. We can also customize different sizes according to the needs of customers, while the outer package is usually made in transparent bags, and CE and other signs will be printed on the transparent bags. There will be some detailed descriptions of the products.

LED Night Light