LED String Light

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  • December 19, 2018

LED Light String is a holiday party product, suitable for all kinds of night parties.

LED Light String is a kind of LED light, when many LED lights are connected together, it is similar to our LED Light String. The main function of LED Light String is to render the atmosphere, which will make the environment more beautiful. Our LED Light String can be used as a bottle lamp. The bottle lamp can make the environment very romantic. It can be used in many places, such as: romantic warm white holiday party wedding LED bottle lights Copper LED lights Cork-like, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere, ideal for dining tables, rooms, patios, weddings, parties, Christmas, New Year and other festive decorations.

Because our LED Light String is easy to shape, it is very convenient to use. The flexible copper wire is easy to bend and shape, it can be turned into any shape you want, and can be easily loaded into the bottle, just stretch it and slide it into at the top you can enter the right part of the cork and it looks very good.

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LED String Light