Led Ball Used For Public Welfare Activity

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  • September 07, 2017
        Today, I saw my client buy our led ball on facebok, and we saw our glowing ball on live video. Many users held up our led ball and felt very happy.
        This is a July customer, when asked if we are given a specific request, only need a led ball, is used for the public welfare, and the need to send samples, when we received the sample, feel good quality, light time is very long, but there is a problem, they need special light ask, we have no way to solve this problem, our staff member immediately with the workshop there was determined, can solve this problem, a new sample is immediately sent to the customer, the led ball and took the video to the customer, the customer said very satisfied, after paying a deposit, then the goods successfully completed, customers received very satisfied.

       The led ball are made of plastic, is the use of environmentally friendly materials, can be highly transparent, the use of batteries is the best Xinlida battery, long time power supply, a led ball size we can according to customer needs, customized for different size, luminous ball can also be customized for different.

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