A hot and hot concert led Bracelet

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  • January 17, 2018
     This is our classic led Bracelet, with many big brands, such as Budweiser, HeineKen, Coca-Cola and other famous brands in the world.
This led Bracelet is very loved by the users, there are often old customers to give us the reaction, said the LED Bracelet simple and elegant appearance, printed Logo is clear and good-looking, the function is simple, easy to use, wear many occasions, so that customer demand is large, the LED Bracelet is also often return a single a.
     Led Bracelet material is made use of the environmental protection TUP, the wrist part is made of TPU, the light part of the selection of good ABS material, high transparency, as part of the Logo, using the logo laser, transparent, clear, LED is the brightness of the lamp, and the battery with battery to ensure the brand in China and this is the basis of quality, price is the cheapest, led Bracelet is a toggle switch around, it is convenient for customers to use. While the LED Bracelet function we can upgrade, for example, now very popular led Bracelet, sound control, vibration control led Bracelet, then the concert LED wireless remote control Bracelet, can be customized, and the LED Bracelet selection is also more than this one, there are about led Bracelet TUP led silica gel. Bracelet, LED Bracelet ABS led Bracelet, nylon, etc., our factory can be done.

    The lights of LED Bracelet can be made into different colors. The commonly used ones are monochromatic lights, while the color of LED Bracelet is transparent. When led Bracelet opens, LED lights will brighten with the Tpu light guiding.

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