A fashionable simulation candle

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  • November 24, 2017
            This is the first simulation we do is make candles, one of our customers to custom, said he believed the US, before we cooperate with him, the waterproof candle is of good quality, we need to give him special custom simulation of a 17cm long candle, he is mainly used in a big wedding. The simulation needs 30 thousand, white candles, and let us give him some professional advice.
            After that, we design the company immediately drew a sketch to the customer, the customer after looking, that is the idea of his heart, and did not take long to reply us, said his client was satisfied, and soon we pay our proofing fee, about 2 days to the customer made samples, and took the video to the client after the 30 thousand, and a simulation candle delivery report to the customer, the customer, is readily paid us first.
            About 20 years later, the customer received, and took pictures, his customers feel very good, and the wedding held very successful, and the customer's friends are also interested in this simulation candle.

            The simulation candle height is 17cm, wide 1.9cm, with the same size of the candle is the same, we use ABS environmental protection materials, the middle is hollow, we put the battery in the middle, and the battery is using the conventional 5 battery, the purchase is very convenient.

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