A New Type Of Multifunctional Led Clip Light Devel...

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  • November 23, 2017
             This is a safety Led Clip Light in our factory the latest development of a multi function, the safety lamp is that we give a customized, customer first is to give us a vision of a running Led Clip Light with a 4 lamp, and high brightness, we design. According to customer demand, to design a sketch, see the customer, feel very satisfied, and soon we paid the fee, we had finished in 3 days to the customer, and the flash mode took a video to the customer, the customer to see, feel very accord with his request, as we set the goods, and we pay 30% deposit in advance, and with our statement, in the second half of this year is not the picture and products to other customers.

            Now, half a year has passed, and we've just started recommending this product to other customers, and we're going to sell it at a discount price for the next 1 years.

            This product is called "Led Clip Light", and before we sell the difference is this clip lamp has 4 beads, and can be a variety of flash mode, inside the lamp we use Led Clip Light shell is very good, we use lightweight ABS material, and we can help each customer a elastic pull rope, let more easily wear clip lamp.

            The main frame Led Clip Light could be used as the belt arm can also be placed when the ornaments on the upper surface of the backpack, and can be clamped on the bike, protect your driving safety at night

Led Clip Light