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  • September 01, 2017
       In March of this year, we received an interesting inquiry about the led collars.
       Our led collars have been used primarily for pets, but the customer wants our led collars to be made for the circus. Because we can develop their own light emitting collar size, and inside the lamp we can also be added, so he will customize a 1.5m led collars, and light color is kind of pink and yellow, set about 5000 of the led collars.

This is the light silicone pet collar, in 2017 our company newly developed light charging led collars, the collar head light has a USB charging, charging can be sustained, then the appearance of environmental protection material is made of silicone, intermediate beads are placed according to the length of the collar, and beads will be particularly cheap. The flash lamp color we can according to the demand of customer specific customization, this pet collar has 3 kinds of luminescent silica gel flash mode, constant light, quick flash, slow flash etc..

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