Led Glow Sticks Wholesale With Custom

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  • October 06, 2017
       This is a customer in Holland, we see the Led Glow Sticks Wholesale, came to contact us, we generally have online customer service, he asked our wholesale foam stick, we immediately reply to the customer, and then in the conversation, we understand that the customer is used in an activity, and very strict requirements, and give us the number and logo foam stick wholesale, we will discuss the two sides confirmed a Led Glow Sticks Wholesale, we agree with the views of customers, soon, 3 days to the customer made a Led Glow Sticks Wholesale, and took a Led Glow Sticks Wholesale video and pictures to the customer, the customer feel satisfied after payment, and we confirm the delivery time.

       Over 10 customers contact us said logo printing is not very good, we need to print, but then we production out, according to the customer's advice, we also think that logo printing is not very good, just like the workshop reaction, need to print, but the cost is us, after the product to the workshop we say this because of the need of logo heat shrinkable film, so the pattern is slightly deformed, they have tried, but we see the second product, the feeling was not satisfied customers, with customers to discuss, I can cancel the order, and with the customer to explain to apologize, see our customers sincerity decided back, and we are satisfied with the service.

      Led Glow Sticks Wholesale, this is our best selling a luminous gifts, and with HeineKen, Coca-Cola, Shell and some other world famous brands, and have developed without the use of heat shrinkable film printing LOGO, solve the problem of LOGO deformation etc.. This Led Glow Sticks Wholesale, we use a battery storage capacity of the battery, can be brighter than before doubling the time, color, we also a variety of customers, according to customer needs

Led Glow Sticks Wholesale