2017 Popular Led Light Up Shoelaces

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  • September 20, 2017
         "This is one of our customers," he asked on our website, "Led Light Up Shoelaces ", saying that 50000 pairs are required to be purchased on amazon. The customer said, before ordering a number of Led Light Up Shoelaces, said to be in the Amazon to buy the above is very good, but the customer comments said Led Light Up Shoelaces was too short, and the lamp is not bright enough, when he told us the clerk of these problems, our salesman immediately put light battery models to our newspaper laces customers and explain our battery to customers can continue burning for 72 hours, the battery is not that bad, and we will put the Led Light Up Shoelaces video to customers, allow customers to see our physical map, and, if the customer wants to proofing, we are generally very fast proofing. The customer wants to see the sample, we will give customers the day send Led Light Up Shoelaces
samples, a few days later, we received the customer's reply, that is our sample of  Led Light Up Shoelaces was satisfied, and his offer to us, we according to his request, the price and the mode of transport, the customer agrees to. Let us after production, and provide us the certificate for his Led Light Up Shoelaces.

         This popular Led Light Up Shoelaces, we probably will produce 5000000 pairs in a year, is very experienced, for the needs of our customers, we grasp the precise, and we are factories, can meet a lot of customer customization requirements.

         We use ABS Jianinong Led Light Up Shoelaces, which we can increase the battery is a lithium battery lamp, we use the storage ability, can last 72 hours power supply, we can make the lamp color monochrome or color.

Led Light Up Shoelaces