The Led Light that can be clipped on the paper

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  • December 06, 2017
      Yesterday, one from us customers to visit our website, we have not asked LED light, but when we have time, we regret not to reply to the customer, which causes us to lose the customer, also can not help to the client, we have a lot of this clip on paper led light, many the products are suitable for the customer, I would led light we made a brief exposition.

The main LED light we sell mainly include the following:

      1, multifunctional magnet clip LED light, this is our good selling one, there are a lot of his purpose, mainly used for work, the night can be adsorbed on the metal, such as the car is, we put a will give us a lot of convenience in the vehicle, can illuminate the whole car bottom, convenient for us to repair car and, we patrol is registered in the factory, there is often a dark place, we can put the magnet clip LED light clip in this work, we do the convenient registration, there are a number of other functions, such as adsorption in the refrigerator, can be caught in the clothes and so on.

led light

     2, flash clip lamp LED light, we divided into 3 lights and 4 lights, 3 lights with fewer colors, dazzling 4 Lantern Festival a lot, we usually used for night running, tied on the arm, in the night, when we run led, light flash, can give the next person or effective the vehicle warning, our personal safety protection more.
led light
    3, the us light LED silicone backpack, backpack is mainly used for ornaments, can be made into different shapes, emit different colors of light, many activities will do backpack business with our this, because the price is cheap, can play a better advertising for their brand.
led light
    In fact, to this customer, there is a need for products that you ask if not in the online customer service, you can send an email to, every day we will see the mail, will promptly respond to customer problems, our aim is for customers to solve all problems.