Led light up earrings used in fashion evening party

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  • September 15, 2017
          This is one of our old customers. We found him led light up earrings , because their company is to give a party to do activities, need some led light up earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other light, then, exactly, we have this led light up earrings , especially suitable for this type of party, we immediately to the customer we sent some pictures led light up earrings pictures, customers see said after very happy, so he wouldn't have to go to a home purchase, very convenient, but the price will he discount,.
         As a salesman, we not only need to understand the customer selected products, but also to understand the needs of customers, customers want what, for customers to solve the problem is the most important.

        This kind of led light up earrings was developed by our company in 2013. Because of its small size, bright colors and many colors, it has been loved by many customers, especially some bars or parties. We use the luminous part of the led light up earrings are transparent plastic, can reflect the dazzling light, and here we use metal material, ear protection is very effective, we use the large battery capacity battery, power supply can be a long time.

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