Impress Nigeria customers with sincerity

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  • September 25, 2017
         This is one of our colleagues customers was one of Nigeria's customers asked us a Mini Flashlight Keychain, when customers have given us the contact details, and the number of Mini Flashlight Keychain told us, my colleagues very happy with the customer's whatapp, chat with customers, and answer a lot about Mini Flashlight Keychain, but after the customer every day to ask some questions, and let us free proofing, because our company is generally not free proofing, my colleagues to customers under the single, very much, so we will refund the samples to the customer, that is give the customer a 2-3 Mini Keychain flashlight, customers get the goods, my colleagues to contact customers, but there is always no response, about a week after receipt of samples, the customer replied, that is We love this Mini Keychain flashlight, and will be the second day of payment, my colleagues second days have been the customer memo did not receive, contact customers, customers postponed to third days, so back and forth, my colleagues a little discouraged, also asked the customer in it from time to time with the client chat, also not to mention the Mini Flashlight Keychain, then put forward several times halfway customer payment, but did not receive the customer payment, to eighth months, the customer said to pay Mini Flashlight Keychain, my colleagues back half believe and half doubt the results of the second day of the customer, finally received the customer's money. Because of these 8 months of conversation, our colleagues touched customers with sincerity, and prompted customers to order.

           Mini Flashlight Keychain Aluminum Alloy material is made, can be flexible, can also open a bottle of beer, the head has 3 beads, we with high purity is sinlida button battery, can be used for a long time, and the light is also selected as far lamp.

Mini Flashlight Keychain