New design of a decompressed Night Light

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  • January 22, 2018
       This is a newly developed full factory silicone cartoon decompression and Night Light, his use of scene is mainly for children room uses, as usual, can give children as toys to play, when they were asleep, adults in care, can pinch the Night Light, this small night lights below the soft light, not have to wake the sleeping child, so good, adults can turn off the Night Light, and then withdraw from the room.
       Night Light uses environmentally-friendly material of silica gel. We can make different animal shapes, such as whale, rabbit and other cartoon animal shapes. Under the environment are made of environmentally-friendly plastics, and the switch is also underneath. The use of Night Light just needs to press the button below, and the lights inside it will flash into 7 colors. When we pinch him, he will change the color quickly. When we ignore him, it will automatically change into different colors slowly.
       Usually, we can take the Night Light as a toy for kids, children can exercise the finger strength, also can focus his attention, the most important is the Night Light is not easily broken, anti shock ability, and the material is made of pure silicone rubber, child bite is not what problem.
        This Night Light size is about 10cm or so, will be equipped with a packaging, printing is above some of the company's information, while the Night Light is to use 3 7 batteries, can also use the USB charge, we will be equipped with a long line about 1ocm USB, Night Light can be used directly charging. We will also do a manual to introduce the Night Light to the customer in detail.
Night Light