Nylon Glow Bracelet With Custom Logo

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  • July 09, 2018
       Nylon Glow Bracelet is a small remote control bracelet, mainly used for small gatherings, a smaller number of parties or bars, more applications.
       Nylon Glow Bracelet is made of nylon plus ABS, we put the chip in the ABS, we put the chip in the ABS, nylon is our own workers, more dense than the others, and the printing of LOGO is very clear, the inside of the 5 beads, we can do a little or more lamp beads, and the color of the beads we are According to the customer's request, you can customize the monochrome LED lamp, and also can customize the LED lamp of the RGB color. We print LOGO all with color printing, can print a variety of colors, ABS can also print LOGO, the whole Nylon Glow Bracelet long team is 19CM, the width is 2.5CM, there is a buckle in the middle, and a free adjustment ruler. Inch. The switch is in ABS, we use 2 CR2030 batteries, which can protect Nylon Glow Bracelet for a long time. Because this is a remote control, we will have a small remote control with about 12 buttons that can control all the rings within the range of 300 meters. It is very suitable for small parties, birthday parties, and Christmas use.
       In June, there was a British customer who wanted to hold one of our large concerts, but not enough. So, we recommend this Nylon Glow Bracelet, which is much cheaper at the price, and we can use the remote control to control it, so we can use the remote control. The family accepted our proposal and replied that we are very professional and know what they want.
Nylon Glow Bracelet