Cheap promotional gifts nylon Led Bracelet

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  • January 25, 2018
      This is a promotional nylon Led Bracelet that we specialize in our customers. The main role is to advertise and promote and do activities.

      Before we are advertising to HeineKen beer, they are going to do a large-scale event, need a Led Bracelet, and the Logo printing protruding, so the price is very favorable, and we will recommend the Led Bracelet to the customer, and the effect of do good to the customer, the customer after reading, feel the price, products are more in line with their theme of this event, as we have 50000 bracelet, and need to be distributed to several other countries.

       But this Led Bracelet we are using nylon material, the middle of a plastic buckle, used to adjust the size of the circuit board is placed on the inside of the nylon color lamp, we can be customized according to customer requirements of different colors, Logo is printed in a variety of colors can be customized with nylon, nylon, color the routine is white, green, orange, blue, we can also customize different nylon color.

        Nylon Led Bracelet because the price is cheap, simple, clear color printing Logo, very popular with some advertising companies or some large activities like, often have customers order from us this nylon Led Bracelet, and the Led Bracelet because of good quality, the battery can be replaced, so the service life is very long, but also can be repeated the use of.

       The Led Bracelet made in our factory are about 5 years old, very skilled workers do, for quality, delivery date reply, we can be satisfied to the customer and each batch of goods before shipment, our quality inspection will sampling some samples, we will arrange the shipment no problem.

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