Multifunction cartoon PVC Light

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  • January 22, 2018
        This is a new type of PVC Light, combined with various functions of light-emitting gifts, can be made into different shapes of PVC Light, such as the conventional new style, animal shape, or a popular shape that we can do.
        PVC Light there is 2 LED light, the light is very bright that can take place far away, and the PVC Light above is a hole, will give each customer with a 10cm lanyard, convenient customer hanging in the backpack, backpack or clothes, used as a lamp, and the shape of our can be customized according to the specific patterns of customers, we will have some common styles, such as heart, smiling face, the shape of the car.
       PVC Light material is made of green plastic, through CE, SGS, FCC and other certification, this PVC Light many customers will buy PVC Light, because the price is low, a wide range of application, can be used as the company's promotional gifts or sell 1 yuan, are more popular.
       Before a customer is selling a bag of chain businesses, about 15 stores, they are buying us a smile behind the printing logo and contact them, then, to every customer to buy a bag with a free PVC Light, leave a good image to the customer.
PVC Light