An ordinary promotional PVC keychain

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  • September 12, 2017
         This is an ordinary PVC keychain, but this PVC keychain has been very popular. It's the flagship product of one of our regular customers. It will give us the next one in 3 months, and the number is about 25000.
         The customer is a Japanese PVC keychain customers, he has been in Chinese procurement, to cooperate with us for about 10 years, every year will give us several single PVC keychain, PVC Keychain is mainly used for some promotional activities, each will give us some design artwork, we according to his request to the various PVC keychain.

         This PVC Keychain is made with PVC, you can customize arbitrary shape PVC Keychain above will have a light, we use 3 batteries to ensure the lamp brightness, the PVC Keychain can customize their activities to slogans or logo, is a cheap and stylish custom Pro PVC pin Keychain

PVC keychain