Customizing the cheap Led Dog Pet Leash

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  • January 30, 2018
      Cheap Led Dog Pet custom Leash this is a Led Dog Pet Leash, in foreign countries, many families will buy a Led Dog Pet Leash, the dog in the night on the way, we give the dog with the Led Dog Pet Leash, you can guarantee the safety of the pet, can more easily find your pet in the night.
      Led Dog Pet Leash size is 120*2.5cm, the material is nylon, we are prepared by our own factory sewing stitch, we are the battery rechargeable battery, battery working time is about 4-5 hours, just to meet the pet use at night and Led Dog Pet Leash ribbon colors are green, red, yellow, pink, blue, orange and other colors, some customers want their own custom colors and we can do. The 3 is a conventional lamp and LED lamp, lamp number can also be customized according to customer requirements, quantity, light color, can be customized, in front of 8 word buckle is 8 words using metal buckle, can ensure the Led Dog Pet Leash is used for a long time.

     Led Dog Pet Leash is mainly in the small general store sales, to the general pet shop or outdoor stores are sold, we generally use the packaging card, cheap price, convenient packaging, like a boutique, we usually use the double gun shell packaging, easy to hang the display to the customer look in the shop, so customers are free to choose.

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