Promotion Multifunction Ball Point Pen

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  • August 10, 2018

Promotion of Multifunctional Ball Point Pen. Good and cheap, you can self - decide logo.

In China, every successful person will take a pen at any time, which is a symbol of identity. Will you bring a pen to your body at any time? Putting a pen in your pocket at any time can help you in your daily life. For example, there is a need for your signature outside. If you think it's useful, I'll recommend our Multifunctional Ball Point Pen. Our Multifunctional Ball Point Pen is made of plastic and the ink is mainly blue and black. And the color of the pen can be chosen for its own, red and black.

The main feature of our Multifunctional Ball Point Pen is its versatile feature. First of all, as a pen, it must be able to write, our pen writes out of the ink is dry very quickly, just write out the words become dry. And our pen is very smooth to write. Next, our Multifunctional Ball Point Pen is also a stylus that slides across the touch screen without causing damage to the screen. Then our Multifunctional Ball Point Pen can also be used as a bracket to support the phone. If you use our pen while watching TV or movies on your mobile phone, you can free your hands. Our Multifunctional Ball Point Pen has a seven-centimeter scale line on its shell and can sometimes be used as a ruler. One section of our pen can be taken off directly. There is a screwdriver inside, which can help you take out some small screws.

This is our pen, our Multifunctional Ball Point Pen's novel design can let you sell better, can also do promotions, small gifts. The little partners you've seen can click on our links and have more fresh and practical things.

Multifunctional Ball Point Pen