LED Necklace

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  • December 20, 2018

LED Necklace can be used as promotional gift, neck decoration for party.

In our company, the most important luminous product is led bracelet, which is tried for various party bars and concert lights. Therefore, many people know about led bracelet, and it is popular in many places. But many people don't know about our LED Necklace, because few people know that there is this product in the world. In fact, our thing is that LED Necklace works better than led Bracelet in many places. Our LED Necklace is mainly used for neck decoration. It's very simple to use. It can shine on the neck and extinguish when it's removed. LED Necklace's switch is two magnets, which stick together on the neck, and the current can be circulated through the magnet.

LED Necklace has a variety of colors, red, blue, green and blue can be selected. And we have other shapes. We provide OEM and ODM services. We have professional designers and engineers to provide professional services to customers. We are Linli Company, the top three gift company in Shenzhen, which has been certified by BSCI. We often cooperate with the top 500 companies in various industries. The companies we cooperate with have already spread all over the world. And our products must be high-quality products, which belongs to our own self-confidence. All this is because of our strength.

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LED Necklace