Reflective keychain - - to protect your life

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  • July 05, 2017

Reflective keychain - - to protect your life

          We often see traffic accidents on the news, and end up losing lives for a variety of reasons.


reflective keychain

              Remember before a friend recently filed a car accident, he saw, is said to be on the night of May, about 7-8, he just work, at a crossroads, saw a car to a young man riding a bicycle hit, rain days slow speed, it will the direct cause of death.
              After listening to this thing, I would add after each ride Mobell reflective keychain in the back, because of the recent domestic riding Mobell especially, little attention will be on the bike after the accident, a light keychain, either on their own or others are more of a security.
             Just right. Our company has this kind of key buckle. During the day, we don't have to turn on the light. The key ring will be reflected by the sun. At night, we can turn on the light and let the key ring reflect more light.