Hot selling security Mini Car Reflector Light

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  • January 17, 2018
       This is a newly developed Mini Car Reflector Light. Its main function is to warn the rear vehicles when the main car is open, so as to prevent unnecessary traffic accidents.
       The working principle of Reflector Light is divided into 2 parts, the luminous part and the magnet part. When the magnet and the luminous part are combined, the Reflector Light will not shine, only when the 2 parts are separated, it will be luminous. When used, the magnet part is attached to the opening door frame, and the light-emitting part is attached to the door. When the door is opened, the luminous part and the magnet part are separated. The Reflector Light will light up and warn the rear vehicle.
       This Reflector Light routine is 3 colors, red, blue, white, light color is yellow, but our factory can be customized other colors, while the lamp is 3 lamp, battery quality of our brand is also used in the power supply for a long time, to ensure the Reflector Light battery is used for a long time, you can change, that can be reused. The light is clearly seen within 20 meters of the night.

       Buy Reflector Light to our customers is our home a vehicle repair company, they are helping customers car at the same time, will give customers recommend some good vehicle supplies, and this is they give customers some gifts, mainly left a good image to the customer.

Reflector Light