Skull Led Cup With Halloween

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  • September 06, 2018
       Skull Led Cup is a new luminous cup that looks like a skeleton. It's very suitable for Halloween. It's just starting to come on line. Many customers have asked about it and are ready to order it for this year's Halloween.
       Skull Led Cup is made of PC material. We can use it safely and boldly through the practical safety level. The Skull Led Cup cup is two layers, so the quality is very good. It can also protect the drink in the cup and play a more insulating role, because the shape of this cup is skeletal, and at the bottom of the cup, We put colorful LED beads and open LED lights at night. It's very frightening. LED beads chassis we use is a detachable base, which contains batteries, LED beads, circuit boards, can be removed to replace the battery, the upper seal we use is spiral, can prevent the inner drinks from spilling out, and we will be equipped with a straw, convenient for users to use many times. This Skull Led Cup can be washed with dishwasher and save time. We have not only this special shape, but also the regular ones for bars and parties.
      Skull Led Cup Our factory uses full machine production, can save labor costs, better prices for customers, and machine installation, the whole cup body will not have obvious fingerprints and dirt, but also to use the user more assured.
Skull Led Cup