Fasion Metal Small Pill Box

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  • August 23, 2017

         Recently, a lot of Small Pill Box on the company's website asked people, basically every day in different countries we have asked customers to the Small Pill Box, but I was impressed by a French customer, he had several Small Pill Box, start, I thought he was a drug the supplier asked him, he said this is a Small Pill Box to his customers wish for is mainly used for loading, wrote the wish and hang in the trees.

Small Pill Box

         From what we can see, the goods should not have a fixed usage, used in the right place on the line.
         Besides, we have this Small Pill Box, its appearance is made of metal, because it is for customers to use pills, the most important thing is clean, we will do an environmental protection plastic box, to ensure that the pills clean. And we have this Small Pill Box which is easy to carry and can be hung on a backpack or a key.