A hot Led Stick in the concert

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  • January 30, 2018
      This is a concert Led Stick, which is mainly sold to some concert audiences, and this Led Stick color is various, easy to carry and flash mode.
Led Stick is made of high quality plastic, the size is 25*2cm, which is 3 of the AG13 battery, our conventional color is yellow, blue, green and other colors, is a flash flash flash mode, slow and constant light, Led Stick's head we use a long black belt, more convenient to carry.
      As before, we went to Argentina, about 30 thousand, this is a business activity to set our goods, said it was for a big tour activities, probably about 5 games, averaging about 6000-7000 viewers, we need good quality, and the price is cheap because of this need. Is the gift, they are free to the audience, not to make money, for the Led Stick time is 3-4 hours. See these conditions, we are satisfied, contact the customer immediately, and discuss with him the delivery date and payment of the deposit.

      The main sales target of Led Stick is the scene of the concert and the scene of some big events as a cheering.

Led Stick