Wholesale outdoors emergency cob light

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  • January 24, 2018
        We produce this outdoor emergency cob light, which is mainly used for some outdoor sports. When we climb or walk at night, this cob light can be used as flashlight, and it emits magneto light diffused around it, which can illuminate the nearby pavement in a large scale.

         Before this, cob light is one of our American customers looking for us to do, he took the use of the product use scene, tell us, let us modify before us a cob light Keychain above, we understand the needs of customers, quickly put the customer's design concept to our design staff. Let him draw a sketch to the customer, the customer said he wanted the sketch is the product, and we need to provide samples, and then we'll figure to sample, 2 days to hit the samples to the customer, and take a video to the client, and then send the samples to the customer. After receiving cob light for 2 days, customers feel that our cob light is very suitable for their sports brand and send Logo to us, so that we can produce large products for them. The customer later contacted us, and said that other Chinese manufacturers he had worked for before did not have our specialties, and soon they could make the products he wanted. They said that some of their future sports gifts would be ordered from us, so they had a great cooperation with us.

          The cob light shell we use of environmentally friendly plastics, which is used cob Light, size is about 10cm * 4cm, and will be equipped with a carabiner, with the convenience of customers in the backpack, and easy to carry, which is our class AA battery, cob light can guarantee the long-term use.

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