2018 hot selling fashion Mini Keychain flashlight

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  • January 24, 2018
This is a series of mini Keychain flashlight developed by our factory in 2018, which is mainly used as a small gift to some good cooperation or some customers who buy products.

Mini Keychain flashlight, our flagship young fashion models, we can see that we do a lot of different styles, and make different colors, particularly beautiful, love by many customers, and mini Keychain flashlight can be customized shape, can provide customers with solutions, we make changes, then the proof to the customer confirmation, finally. We will give customers the goods and.

Mini Keychain flashlight is mainly made of plastic outside and LED lights inside. We use 2 high brightness LED lights, and each mini Keychain flashlight will have a long 5cm rope, which is convenient for users to hang up.

Mini Keychain flashlight is your best choice for a company or store's gift, because he not only advertise customers to your company or store, but also more importantly, his practicability and low price, leaving a good image for the customer.

Our company has been doing Mini Keychain flashlight for many years, it can make you feel assured of quality, and our factory has made BSCI inspection factory last year, and it also makes you feel assured of quality. Like no shipment, we will conduct spot checks. If we exceed the standard, we will go back to the factory for further inspection until we pass the re examination.

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